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The truth about uncertainty

The truth about uncertainty

November 29, 2022

The only thing you can be certain of in life is uncertainty.


Yet your brain will try everything to avoid uncertainty, as it feels scary.


This is why you'll choose to do what you've always done, as the brain is craving some sort of certainty, and it gets that from doing things you have already done, as it can predict the potential outcomes.


But there is another way.


Listen to this episode to understand uncertainty, how to navigate through uncertainty and how to be certain in uncertain situations, including your weight loss.




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BONUS - Christmas Coaching Party Invite

BONUS - Christmas Coaching Party Invite

November 28, 2022

Ever wondered what the hype is about with life coaching?


Ever thought you wanted to give coaching a try because it sounds amazing but wanted to give it a try first?


This is your chance.


I am putting on a Christmas Coaching Party!


Imagine, learning how to enjoy Christmas whilst honouring your body during the Christmas. Yes, it is totally possible to do both!


Then, imagine finding out about how to pre-enrol for the February Group Coaching Programme with a killer bonus that will help you navigate this festive season.


Then, imagine raising your hand for coaching and getting coached on your EXACT obstacles.


You will leave fully equipped with how to navigate the festive season.


All you have to do is clear your calendar and attend LIVE.


When? Monday 5th December 2022 at 12:30pm GMT (7.30am EST)

Where? On Zoom - Christmas Coaching Party link will be emailed to you.


This will give you a flavour of the Group Coaching Calls in the programme. 


You get to experience it for FREE (Over £100 in value).


It is my Christmas present to you!


So get dressed up in some festive wear (if you’d like to, I know I will!), bring a warm drink and come and experience the magic of the Christmas Coaching Party. 


It is possible to enjoy the festive season whilst not going into “let me eat all the things” mode.


It is possible to eat the foods you love without thinking you’ve failed.


It is possible to create a plan for yourself that you can stick to without depriving yourself. 


Click here to register: https://www.amruticoaching.com/coaching


I’ll be there with my warm hot chocolate (or let’s be honest, more likely a masala chai!).


See you there!


Amruti xx

How to manage overshopping

How to manage overshopping

November 22, 2022

Do you find yourself buying more than you need to?


This is a very common way to give yourself a burst of dopamine (the feel good hormone in your brain).


But then it doesn't last long and you feel bad for spending so much and having so much stuff.


In this episode you'll understand exactly why you overshop and how to create a specific plan for you to manage your overshopping. 


Overshopping and overeating go hand in hand, and when you figure out how to manage one of them, you will use the same tools to manage the other too.




If you'd like to dive into this work deeper, you can work with me 1:1. Click here for a free consult (www.amruticoaching.com/privatecoaching)


If you'd like to be added to the waitlist for the February 2023 Group Coaching Programme, and find out about early enrolment, click here (www.amruticoaching.com/group). 

Turn up the positive thoughts

Turn up the positive thoughts

November 15, 2022

Life is 50% positive and 50% negative.


Your primitive brain is meant to ensure your survival so will keep offering thoughts to help you seek pleasure, avoid pain or stay how you are.


If you let your primitive brain run the show, it would only offer you negative thoughts to stop you making any changes in your life, so that you stay the same. It will tell you you can't do it, it will be too hard or you won't be able to maintain your weight loss.


This is why you want to turn up the volume on the positive thoughts, intentionally, to start creating the life you actually want to live. This starts by turning up the positive thoughts in your weight loss journey and reminding yourself of ALL the positives in your weight loss journey so far.


Listen this podcast episode to find out exactly how to do that.


If you'd like to put this into practice, you can book a free consult for 1:1 private coaching by clicking here: https://www.amruticoaching.com/privatecoaching


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Clean pain vs dirty pain in weight loss

Clean pain vs dirty pain in weight loss

November 8, 2022

There are two types of pain. 


Clean pain and dirty pain.


Clean pain is a normal part of being human. The normal human emotions we are meant to feel.


Dirty pain is the layer of judgement and shame we layer on top.


When you are layering dirty pain onto your normal clean pain, this is hindering your weight loss.


Listen to the latest podcast episode to learn:

  • How clean and dirty pain is showing up for you
  • How to distinguish between the two
  • What to do about it


It is a concept that will apply to any area of your life.




PS: We dive into this deeper in our coaching programmes.

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The role of exercise in weight loss

The role of exercise in weight loss

November 1, 2022

Is exercise as important in weight loss as we have been led to believe for the last few decades?


In this podcast episode you will learn some NEW information that will change how you approach weight loss FOREVER.

You don’t want to miss it.

- Learn all about how exercise impacts weight loss


- My advice on exercise


- When exercise is useful


Remember, this is the LAST week to enrol for the November Group Coaching Programme. Enrolment closes on 4th November and there are still some spots left. Book your free consult here: www.amruticoaching.com/group



How to respond to your overeating excuses

How to respond to your overeating excuses

October 25, 2022

How many times have you wanted to give in on your weight loss journey?

Your brain is armed with a list of excuses why your should give in.

In this episode, you'll learn how to:

  • Start being onto yourself when your brain tries to make excuses
  • How to respond back to your brain
  • How to make a small step in the direction you want to go

Enrolment for the November Group Coaching Programme has been extended 2 weeks and now closes on Friday 4th November 2022. Visit www.amruticoaching.com/group to apply and book your FREE consult.

The perfect diet

The perfect diet

October 18, 2022

My clients always come to me looking for the perfect diet

The perfect meal plan

The perfect exercise regime

But there is no such thing as the perfect diet for everyone.

In this podcast episode I share my process for helping you to find the perfect diet for YOU, so you can start losing weight for good right now.


To enroll in the November group coaching programme or to book a free consult, go to www.amruticoaching.com.group

Diviya’s transformation story

Diviya’s transformation story

October 11, 2022

This week I speak to a very special guest, my client Diviya!

Diviya talks about what her life is like now after she lost over 14kg in the group coaching programme, including...

  • How she maintains her weight through holidays and work events
  • How and why she's cut down her drinking
  • The money she's saved on food and skincare
  • How and why she's stopped doing any strenuous exercise
  • ...and how it feels to have complete mental freedom from worrying about food and what other people think!

If you would like to enroll in the November group coaching programme or book a free consult, head to www.amruticoaching.com/group

Meera’s transformation story

Meera’s transformation story

October 4, 2022

In this very special podcast episode I chat to one of my very first clients, Meera!

She shares her story of how she lost 10kg after giving birth to her two babies in just 3 months.

But, more importantly, we dive into how coaching has transformed her life, her parenting, and even helped her to start her own business, MeerieBox


Register for my upcoming free planning webinar: https://www.amruticoaching.com/webinar

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